Add And Manipulate Modern SharePoint Page Using PnP PowerShell

In this blog, we will look at the steps to add and manipulate Modern SharePoint page using PnP PowerShell. Adding a Modern page to the SharePoint site The Add-PnPClientSidePage command is used to add a modern page to the SharePoint site. Add-PnPClientSidePage -Name “NewPage” Output By default, Add-PnPClientSidePage creates an Article layout type. To create the Home layout type, we have to pass “Home” as a “LayoutType” parameter. Add-PnPClientSidePage -Name “NewPage” -LayoutType Home Output Set the Modern page Property The Set-PnPClientSidePage command is used to update the

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SharePoint App Operations Using PnP PowerShell

PnP PowerShell can be used to automate the deployment, publishing, installing, upgrading and retracting apps in SharePoint online as well as SharePoint on-premises. In this blog, we will look at steps to get, add, install, deploy, update, remove and uninstall SharePoint app to Modern Site using PnP PowerShell. Adding and publishing app to the app catalog: Adding app (.sppkg file, .app file) to the tenant scoped app catalog. –> Add-PnPApp -Path <App Path> -Scope Tenant Once added, need to continue with

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